The Truman Show Themes

Here is the stuff we did on the board the other day to do with the themes in The Truman Show








Double vowels

I know this is a bit ‘kiddy’ but I thought it was cute & useful.

Free Speech

Here is the video we watched of Rowan Atkinson’s speech, advocating for more free speech without the worry of being arrested and persecuted.

When writing your persuasive piece I’d like your opening sentence to be:

I [believe/do not believe] people should be able to be arrested and prosecuted for saying something insulting.

Today’s Writing Prompt

Sentence Stories

This was today’s writing exercise:


Sentence Stories:

Write a sentence that contains a setting, a character and a problem.


“It took 30 minutes for Jake to realise that the person sitting next to him on the flight wasn’t alive…it only took another 30 seconds to realise that no other passenger was either.”