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Free Speech

Here is the video we watched of Rowan Atkinson’s speech, advocating for more free speech without the worry of being arrested and persecuted.

When writing your persuasive piece I’d like your opening sentence to be:

I [believe/do not believe] people should be able to be arrested and prosecuted for saying something insulting.


Think For Yourself


I’ve said this many times before:  I’m not so concerned with what you think; as long as you think.  You can think whatever you like, as long as you can tell me why.  Being able to articulate why you believe what you believe is vital.  Use your brain guys!

I think Mediawatch is a great, weekly 12 minute show that seeks to critique the media and talk about how the media uses statistics and one sided stories to make the points they want to make.

This is why I am so critical of A Current Affair & Today Tonight.  They are both examples of simply awful journalism that do not report facts, in any way, shape or form.  They manipulate facts and statistics to create sensationalism.  Occasionally these shows may be ok, but this is not a common occurrence.

Don’t believe everything you hear/see/read.  THINK!

HERE is the link to Mediwatch.  It’s worth 12 minutes a week.  I’m not saying you always need to agree with their assessments, but you do need to develop the skill of analysing information you are presented with.

Other good Australian independent journalism sites are Crikey and The Global Mail.

I am also a fan of Peter Hartcher and the way he is able to report the facts and be impressively un-partisan (this means that he doesn’t write from the perspective of any political political party).

Just make sure you understand the issues and don’t accept what others tell you are the facts.  The skill of being able to sift through information is what will make you successful and intelligent.

Atheists Against Abortion

This might be interesting to watch for those of you doing the abortion issue for your persuasive writing piece.

Atheists against abortion.

New Poll


Here are a list of topics you might want to choose from for your persuasive piece:


Battery Hens / Cage Eggs

Gay Marriage


Mobile phone use in schools

Live cattle export trade

Mandatory detention


Well hello there!

I’ve decided to set up a blog for our English class so I can link you to lots of fun, interesting and useful things to help you out.

As you all know, we’re currently working on persuasive writing, so here are some links that I think will be useful:

This is Instagrok, the site I told you about where you can search for related topics and get website links and videos based on your topic.

This is Qwiki, a good place to get an overview of your topic in about 90 seconds using both pictures and words.

This is Thesis Builder, a site that will help you build a persuasive article based on your topic and the things you would like to say.

You might even want to check out TED to see if anyone has done a talk on your topic (it’s very likely they will have).

This is a site explaining how you might want to structure your article and what you might need to think about when writing and editing it.


Come and see me if you need any help, or feel free to post comments here and I’ll respond to them.

Here is a poll you can take (it’s anonymous):

Oh, and I promise not to mark your English work this way: