The question for your essay is:

“How does Carl Matt change throughout the novel ‘A Bridge to Wiseman’s Cove’?”

It needs to be 750 – 1000 words.

It is due on October 9, the first day back after the holidays.  NO EXCUSES!

Start off by talking about what Carl was like in the beginning, then move on to talking about how he changes.

Who are the people around him that help him to change?  Are they good for him or bad for him?  How do they affect him?  How much of an impact do they have on him?  How do the things that happen to Carl affect him?  How do the things that happen to other characters in the novel affect Carl?

End your essay by talking about what Carl is like at the end of the book and how that is different to how he started out.

Remember to put in examples from the book (and page number references).

Remember, never talk in the first person (eg ‘I think…’, ‘I liked…’).  This is a text analysis.  Talk about facts, use information, don’t tell me your opinion.

In this essay you are combining your chapter summaries with your character analysis.  Please don’t forget that you need to hand those in too!

Make sure you ask for help if you need it!

I am going to be very harsh on anyone who doesn’t hand this in on time.  You will lose 10% every day you don’t hand it in.  There is no excuse for not getting this in on time.  If you need help, email me, don’t just not do it.  You’ve had plenty of time for this, both in class and at home.  Do your best and I’ll be happy 🙂