Just a reminder, each week we are reading 5 chapters of ‘A Bridge To Wiseman’s Cove’ and you are required to write chapter summaries on a weekly basis.  This just needs to be a short summary of what happened in the chapters.  You can write in full sentences or in dot points.  This way when we get to the end of the novel you won’t forget what happened at the start!  It will make your text response essay MUCH easier to write!  The better your notes are now, the easier your text response essay will be.

You also need to be doing character analysis’ on each character in the book.  Remember I want one page per character so you have plenty of room to add information to each character as we learn more about them.  There is a post about how to write a good character analysis a few posts below this.  It’s the same as the handout I gave you.

If you get stuck, ask for help!  Don’t just not do it.  I promise I’m not scary 🙂

All of this needs to be in your literature journal.

Good luck!